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Vegas Strong Moving is a team of professionals with a broad spectrum of skills to get all types of moves done. This ranges IKEA furniture assembly to hoisting couches up 3 flights of stairs through the balcony.

We have all the muscle and the skill to get your move done safely.

we are on our way

Once you hire us and tell us your preferred moving date and destination we are on our way.

  • Labor only: Just need muscle? We got you covered

  • Assembly/Disassembly: All the tools necessary to get the move done right.

  • Packing Service: We can package professionally to ensure safety during transit.

  • Damage Prevention: Our movers pad and wrap your items to ensure safety.


Q: How much will my move cost?

A:This is dependent on many factors, including amount of items to be moved, flights of stairs, and distance between locations. Message us or call us for a free quote from one of our professionals.

Q: I plan to do all the packing myself ahead of time, any tips?

A: Use bubble wrap and packing paper for all items but especially fragile items. Do not make larger boxes too heavy. Instead, use smaller boxes for heavy items and bigger boxes for lighter items.

Q: I want to save as much money as possible on my move

A: The most cost effective option in moving is for the customer to rent a moving truck from a rental agency and use our labor service. The more prepared you are the faster it will be. Padding and stretch-wrapping items ahead of time saves you labor time on your move as well as having the packing taken care of before the movers show up.

Q: Do you provide discounts?

A: Yes, for Senior Citizens, Military, School Teachers and Police, we give a discount on the move.

Q: Is it okay if I help with the labor?

A: That is at the customers discretion, however we highly do not recommend for safety purposes. Any damage that occurs on the move at that point is no longer on behalf of Vegas Strong Moving due to the fact there was outside help.

Q: How many men do I need for my move?

A: This varies depending on factors such as the size of the move, flights of stairs, amount of heavy objects, etc. Typically, anything more than a 1-2 bedroom we recommend 3 men because its safer and faster.


We bring the boxes and carefully pack your items to be moved


We will transport your belongings to your new location


We can move your belongings to a storage unit

our expertise

Fast delivery

We work carefully and steady to meet your moving deadline

item inspection

We inspect your items before packing and moving to insure the condition of your furnishings before moving

boxing service

We can also box your furnishings for you